Acceptable Use Policy

The Email Professors Acceptable Use Policy (revised 2022) The Email Professors is a permission-based email service provider: Our Goal:– to facilitate email communication with timely and relevant triggered and /or sequential messages to one subscriber or millions, using  our subscription management tools that also track and evaluate subscriber interaction with you. 

Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is as follows: 

Short version: 

We do not accept contracts from known spammers, and do not tolerate the use of our systems for the sending of unsolicited commercial email (UCE). Accounts found to intentionally violate this AUP are subject to immediate termination. Additional fees or penalties may be charged. If you intend to use our system to send UCE, go away now…we do not want your business. 

Long version: 

Each Email Professor customer is required to sign our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). For all intents and purposes the AUP is considered signed, when customer signs the Email Professor Contract.  Willful and intentional violations of the Acceptable Use Policy are cause for immediate account termination. Additionally each customer must follow what is considered good mailing practices for email lists: 
Customer must ensure that all lists hosted only use a subscriber listing where the subscribers have been added to the mailing list either by: 

A closed loop confirmed-opt-in (sometimes referred to as ‘double-opt-in’) process; or 

A paid subscription; or 

A private subscription consisting only of organizational members 

Customer must ensure that all lists hosted have, use, and publicize in all mailings a clear and easy-to-use unsubscribe instructions. 

Customer must not use an “opt-out” subscription process, i.e., subscriptions that automatically subscribe a user unless they uncheck a box (opt-out) on your web site forms. 

We do not condone renting, trading, or buying address lists. However, we recognize there are circumstances, where email addresses not originally confirmed by your company may be used. (I.e. a company merger or company sale) It is acceptable in most cases to write an introductory paragraph that explains how you procured the addresses and why you are mailing to them. Contact Email Professors (734-529-5331) or before using these options and ensure Email Best Practices. 

The complaint rate (“feedback rate”) should not exceed the accepted industry standard at the time of transmission. It is the Customer’s individual responsibility to maintain the then-current industry standard (For example as of this writing the industry standard for complaint rates is less than .1% (1/1000) on a per Email/Internet Service Provider basis. 

Customers are obliged to comply with all relevant Federal, State or Other anti-spam laws and Statutes. This includes, but is not limited to: 

Don’t “harvest” email addresses from the Internet or generate them via a “dictionary” process for commercial mailing purposes. 

Don’t send commercial email that you don’t have proper authorization to use. 

We expect you to use a valid, accurate, non-misleading Subject: line.   

Use a proper FROM address. 

Include a valid postal mailing address and a functioning opt-out mechanism in every commercial email message you send. 

Don’t continue to send email to a recipient who has opted-out of your list. 

If you send adult content (i.e., sexually explicit material), use a warning label of that fact in your subject line. 

Fees and Penalties 

We reserve the right to levy a cleanup charge for SPAM (complaints) generated when email Best Practices is not followed. Complaints may include, but is not limited to individual reports e-mailed to, third-party ISP complaint notifications, notification from anti-spam organizations such as “SpamCop” and any internal heuristic research performed. 

Upon receiving a complaint, Dundee Internet will notify Customer of said complaint and investigate the legitimacy of the complaint. If Customer does not take immediate corrective action to remedy the situation, Dundee Internet reserves the right to suspend Customer’s service until Customer has resolved the situation to Dundee Internet’s satisfaction, and at Dundee Internet’s sole discretion. 

Excessive, Widespread and/or Repeated Violations 

According to The Email Professors’  No-Spam Policy, we may immediately terminate the account of any Customer found to be involved in a non-compliant marketing campaign or other widespread or repeated violations of the our Service Terms and Conditions.