Campaign building Features

List Management and Deliverability

  • Emails from your own domain
  • Marketing Calendar to schedule mailings
  • We offer archives with quick search
  • TCP/IP Security
  • Automated Bounce Handling
  • Suppression / Banned email lists comparison
  • Email and Web based unsubscribe for recipients
  • Grievances handled with automated complaint processing
    One-Click confirmed opted-in functionality in email or web
  • Demographic data fields
  • Birthday / Date driven emails

We Use Advanced Content Creation Tools to Create the Perfect Email for your Campaign

  • An advanced HTML Editor
  • Emails created in plain text, HTML or multipart MIME and attachment support
  • Messages are dynamic, we use conditional content and advanced content scripting (We can insert complex, dynamic content into your messages)
  • Included-email/web-surveys for free
  • Basic mail merges for all fields
  • Image fields
  • Rich media insertion
  • Custom responsive HTML template

Campaign Building

  • Build segment queries
  • Clickthrough and clickstream segmentation
  • We send you all messages to preview
  • Segmentation based survey responses
  • Demographic based segments creation
  • We test all email campaigns using A/B split testing
  • We offer triggered and sequential mailings
  • Online and off-line purchase tracking & reporting
  • Customer interest analysis
  • Sale cycle & abandonment tracking
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Total mailing analysis
  • Set behavior driven database updates
  • Transactional messaging