How It Works


The process is simple: Tell us the goal of your email message or marketing campaign
(e.g. you want more website visitors), and do the following:


Select a List Name

Email your member list to your Email Professor consultant. You can include your collected demographics for segments.

(your members list is always yours, kept secure and private)

send mail

The Email Professors' will create your custom template, add your content and images, and then test the message for the best response from your audience.

(At a loss for words? Speak to your Email Professor consultant for ideas.)

After your message is thoroughly tested and approved by you, we send out your campaign on the day and time you choose.

(Before the mailings, you can tweak, make changes, and add or subtract message content. If there are changes the message is tested again)

light bulb

As the mailing goes out, all the collected data, such as clickthroughs, opens and referrals are recorded for the report. The report will be sent to you in email.

(We will go over the report with you at your convenience)

If you have any questions before, during or after your campaign contact your Email Professor consultant.

(you will have their phone number and eyes only email)



All emails are tested and reviewed for all internet connected devices for appearance, formatting and links. You will receive a copy of the test mailing allowing you to make changes with your Email Professor specialist.

Once the email message is approved by you, it will be send to your list members and/or or segments per you instructions.

The delivery is monitored. All issues are addressed (ISP blocks, bounces, and so forth).

Non-delivered addresses are retried over a period of 24 hours 3 times (temporary failures, etc.).

Upon completion a report is emailed to you along with suggestions, if needed, to improve future campaigns.